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Oladi (oladyi / oladushki)

Oladi (oladyi / oladushki)

These oladushki are like fluff. They taste light and airy – so really fluffy and incredibly delicious. The oladyi recipe is very simple. You only need a few common ingredients. The preparation is lightning fast, and your oladi are ready. They are perfect for breakfast, dessert or snack in between.
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Trifle
Cuisine Russian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Servings 25 oladyi


  • 500 g kefir (lukewarm)
  • 1 egg (room temperature)
  • 20 g sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 4 g baking soda
  • approx. 400 g flour
  • vegetable oil for frying


  • Put lukewarm kefir in a mixing bowl, add egg, sugar and salt and mix, for example with a whisk, until a homogeneous mass.
  • Gradually add flour in several portions and mix to form a viscous dough. (Be sure to follow the tips and tricks for making oladyi here at the top of the post).
  • Add baking soda to the batter and stir briskly and thoroughly just once (do not stir again when frying the oladi).
  • Add enough vegetable oil to the pan and heat it. Then turn the heat to medium, pour about 1 tablespoon of batter per pancake into the pan (you can help yourself with a second spoon to push the batter into the pan each time) and fry the oladushki on both sides until golden to golden brown. Keep adding vegetable oil as needed.


  • Use kefir lukewarm.
  • Warm egg to room temperature.
  • Do not add too much sugar to the batter. Otherwise your oladyi will not rise when frying.
  • The batter must be viscous. If it drips very slowly from the spoon in batches, its consistency is correct.
  • Add baking soda to the batter right before frying the oladi, and then stir the batter briskly and thoroughly only once.
  • Fry oladyi in enough vegetable oil.
  • Note the detailed tips and tricks for preparing oladushki at the top of the post.