Egg biscuits recipe: how to bake the simplest cookies

Egg biscuits recipe: how to bake the simplest cookies

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Inside soft, outside slightly crispy taste the popular egg biscuits. Who does not know these delicious cookies! Here I’ll show you a simple recipe that you can use to bake egg cookies yourself in a flash. I’ll also give you tips on how to make them the best way, and how to modify them to your taste. A detailed egg cookies recipe with exact quantities and step-by-step instructions can be found below.

These cookies are

  • airy,
  • soft,
  • slightly crispy,
  • very tasty,
  • easy and quick to bake from a few common ingredients,
  • without additives,
  • easy to modify,
  • ideal for preparation of various tartlets without baking,
  • long shelf life,
  • much better than from the supermarket.

By the way, the taste of the cookies reminds you a little of the ladyfingers.

Egg cookies recipe

Baking egg biscuits yourself: the advantages

Of course, you can just buy egg cookies, because they are available in almost every supermarket. But there are many advantages to baking the cookies yourself. Here I list these advantages for you:

  • In the purchased egg biscuits, there are often various unhealthy additives that you don’t even need in your food. When you bake the cookies, you decide for yourself which ingredients go in and you can do without the additives.
  • Egg cookies from the supermarket are usually baked with eggs from factory farming. For your egg cookies recipe you can do without such eggs and use organic eggs instead.
  • For the egg biscuits recipe you only need a few common ingredients that you probably already have at home. Baking is a breeze. So why buy egg cookies?
  • In addition, you can easily modify the egg cookie recipe to your taste, for example, add any spices to the dough, a little lemon or decorate the cookies with chocolate after baking.

Egg biscuits

Refine the egg cookies recipe: Ideas

  • You can add any spices to the batter to your taste, for example cinnamon. The spice is then whipped together with sugar and eggs.
  • Add zest from an organic lemon to the batter, and you’ll have lemon egg cookies. Just like spices, lemon zest is whipped together with eggs and sugar.
  • Pour some melted chocolate on top after the cookies have cooled, and you’ll get chocolate egg cookies.
  • Spread a chocolate spread or other sweet spread on the bottom of one cookie, place a second cookie with the bottom on top so that the two egg cookies stick together, and you get filled double cookies.

Bake egg biscuits

No-bake tartlets with the egg biscuits

Have you baked too many egg cookies or just want to turn them into something even more delicious? Then prepare small tartlets with mascarpone, shredded coconut and sour cherries from the cookies. They are ready very quickly without baking. In the post Coconut egg cookies with mascarpone & cherries – recipe without baking I show you how to do it.

Baking egg cookies: the recipe

The exact quantities and step-by-step instructions, according to which you can bake the egg cookies themselves, you will find below in the box recipe.

As I mentioned earlier, the egg cookie recipe is pretty simple. There are only a few ingredients you need for it. Both the preparation and the baking are very quick.

For the egg biscuits recipe you will need

  • eggs,
  • sugar,
  • flour,
  • some vanilla
  • and a pinch of salt.

I had taken vanilla sugar for the recipe. But you can also use vanilla extract or scrape out a vanilla bean.

Baking egg cookies: this is how it works

  1. Beat eggs, sugar, vanilla and salt until fluffy.
  2. Fold in flour to make a fluffy, thick batter.
  3. Place small heaps of the dough on the baking tray and bake at 180 °C for approx. 10 minutes. Done!

Cookies from sponge cake dough

Tips and tricks: how to make the best egg cookies

  • After beating the egg-sugar mixture, the sugar should be completely dissolved. You can check this by rubbing a small amount of the mixture between two fingers. If you don’t feel any crystals when rubbing, the sugar has dissolved.
  • Sift the flour and fold it very carefully into the beaten egg-sugar mixture. After folding, the dough should be very airy and creamy.
  • As vanilla go for example vanilla sugar, vanilla powder, vanilla extract or vanilla bean scraped out.
  • The heaps from the dough I have set with a piping bag. For this I used a Ø 8 mm hole nozzle. You can also use two teaspoons.
  • Leave enough space between the cookies, because the dough will spread a little bit and the cookies will get bigger in diameter during baking.
  • All cookies should be baked immediately. Because the cookie dough must not rest, but must be processed immediately after preparation. Otherwise your cookies will collapse during baking.
  • For me, the recipe yielded about 1.5 baking sheets of egg cookies. So you need two baking sheets for this. While the first baking sheet with the cookies was in the oven, I put the cookies on the second one from the remaining dough. Since the egg biscuits bake very quickly, the first cookies are already done when you fill the second baking sheet, so you can put it in the oven right away.
  • Do not bake the egg cookies too long. Otherwise they might taste too dry later. They should have a light yellow color after baking and not darken.
  • Store the cookies in an airtight container, such as a tupperware, so they don’t dry out. They will keep for quite a long time.

Did you bake the egg cookies using this recipe? I’m looking forward to your results, your star rating and your comment on the recipe, how you liked and succeeded with the cookies.

Egg cookies / egg biscuits

Egg cookies / egg biscuits

Inside soft, outside slightly crispy taste the popular egg biscuits. Who does not know these delicious cookies! Here I show you a simple egg cookies recipe, according to which you can bake them yourself in a flash. For this you need only a few common ingredients that you probably already have at home.
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine German
Servings 55 cookies


  • 4 eggs
  • 150 g sugar
  • vanilla
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 200 g flour


  • Beat eggs together with sugar, vanilla and salt until fluffy and creamy.
  • Add flour to the egg-sugar mixture to make an airy, thick batter.
  • Use a piping bag (with a round, approx. Ø 8 mm nozzle) or two teaspoons to pipe small mounds onto a baking sheet lined with baking paper, leaving enough space between the mounds. The sponge dough will spread a little, so that the heaps turn into small round circles.
  • Bake the egg cookies in a preheated oven at 180 °C for about 10 minutes. Remove them from the tray and let them cool.


  • After whipping the egg-sugar mixture, the sugar should have completely dissolved.
  • Fold the flour very carefully into the beaten egg-sugar mixture.
  • Bake the cookies immediately, as the sponge dough should not rest.
  • Do not bake the egg cookies too long. They should have a light yellow color after baking.
  • Note the detailed tips and tricks for baking the egg cookies at the top of the post.

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