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Cooperations & media data

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Inspiration for All inspires everyone especially with the following topics:

Cooking & baking: With exclusively vegetarian and vegan recipes, inspirationforall.de is the place to go for everyone who wants to eat a balanced, versatile and at the same time delicious diet. Thereby inspirationforall.de wants to inspire with the uniqueness of the presented courts all humans to the recooking and post-baking. At the same time, the step-by-step instructions are intended to make cooking and baking as easy as possible for them.

Travel & hiking: With the travel tips inspirationforall.de wants to inspire people to discover beautiful places in the world. The hiking tips in fantastic landscapes are to show everyone how breathtaking nature is.

Health: Healthy become also with natural means and without medicines – that is with home remedy tips to be obtained.

Cooperation areas

Inspiration for All offers cooperation opportunities for companies and online stores from the following areas, among others:

  • (organic) food,
  • travel,
  • household (e.g. kitchen appliances, cooking & baking accessories, tableware, …),
  • travel, outdoor and hiking accessories (e.g. photo cameras, hiking boots, hiking clothes, …),
  • cooking & travel books.


Inspiration for All offers several collaboration opportunities:

Blog post: Present your brand in a blog post, possibly with an exclusive discount for inspirationforall.de users, and thus make people curious about your brand.

Recipe development: Let Inspiration for All develop and present an exclusive recipe exclusively with your products to attract new customers.

Sweepstakes: Host a sweepstakes on inspirationforall.com and raise awareness of your brand.

Product placement in the article: Present one of your products in a blog article on inspirationforall.de that fits the topic and inspire new customers for this product.

Media data – as of June 2020

  • 225,000 unique blog visitors
  • 295,000 blog visits
  • 370,000 blog page views
  • 19,000 Pinterest follow
  • 2,800 Facebook follow
  • 2,600 Instagram follow

Price per blog post: from 650 euros

You can get a detailed media kit and an individual offer on request.


Katja Wolf
Email: info@inspirationforall.de
Tel.: +4915783638091

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