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Welcome to my blog – my name is Katja. Here you will find delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes – from simple and quick to fancy and unique – there is something for everyone. Many dishes are from international cuisine, especially Russian cuisine.

About me

I studied mathematics and at some point discovered enthusiasm for online marketing, SEO, web design and social media in me. inspirationforall.de I run since August 2017 as a hobby and since August 2018 professionally. Privately, I like to cook and bake since childhood. My heart beats for animals, especially cats, and nature.


The Travel category is all about exciting travel tips. The focus is on excursions into the beautiful nature. Thus, there are mainly hiking trail descriptions with breathtaking landscape pictures.


Home remedies have proven themselves for many illnesses. You can find out which natural remedies you can use for one or another ailment in blog posts from the health category.

For companies

Are you interested in a cooperation with Inspiration for All? Then feel free to send your request to info@inspirationforall.de.

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