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Katja von inspirationforall.de

Welcome to my food blog – my name is Katja. Here you will find delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes. From simple and fast to fancy and unique – there is something for everyone.

International and German cuisine

At inspirationforall.de you can find dishes from international as well as German cuisine. You can also discover a large selection of Soviet recipes here. Many of them are now forgotten, so you can hardly find them anywhere.

About me

Since my childhood I like to cook and bake. Since 2013 I am a vegetarian. My heart beats for cats and mountains. inspirationforall.de I founded in August 2017. Before that I studied mathematics.

My life dream is to open a big animal shelter where stray cats from all over the world can come up. As long as it has not come true, I support different animal shelters and street cats whenever possible.

For companies

Are you interested in a cooperation with Inspiration for All? Then feel free to send your request to info@inspirationforall.de. At inspirationforall.de/en/cooperations-media-data/ you can find all the info about the cooperation possibilities and the media data.

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